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Dwts season 14 week 2 performance

Tonight is quick step and jive. Quickstep is a standard dance so I don't know too much personally but I've seen it done enough in competition that I know what it should look like combined with my own smooth experience.

Roshon. Song's tempo is compatible to a competition but not for the pros. Maybe bronze/silver pro/am. Dance wasn't too bad but was too jerky for my taste for the quick step. sure, it's fast but it's still smooth. Maybe scored a little too high but we'll see how the others stack up. Liked her dress.

Sherri. Glad they didn't show the song down but I've barely seen any jive. Lots of shaking, not much else. Entertaining but no content, and not much technique on what I did see. Also lost contact before a trick. Dress worked for the jive. Scored too high for what I saw.

Melissa. Frame needs work. looks too loose. Kept up with the choreography, not that find of the dress. Like the lines they hit. I will mention it should be easier to dance…

And the dress is done.

I promised pictures and I have them. Two at least. I'll eventually get action shots but for now you can imagine what happens when I spin. I do have long gauntlets/gloves that I wear with the dress but I forgot to put them on before taking the pictures. I had a long day at the competition, started at 10:30am didn't finish until probably 10:30pm. 61 dances, smooth and latin. Placed top 3 in all except one where I placed 4th. I'm not usually that tan and it still hasn't completely come off. And the white part of my french manicure is now a bit brown as well. I completely forgot to pick up the DVD I had asked to be taped and now will have to figure out how to get a hold of it. Overall I managed to win $600. Not anywhere near enough to cover the costs but more than I've won previously and should give my credit card a nice relief for next month.

I had mentioned due to preparation for the competition, I wouldn't have much time for stitching. I was correct. Not much go…

Dwts season 14: week 1 performance

Yay! It's back on! Onto my opinions of the dances and other tidbits.

Maria. The laugh's already getting on my nerves and it's only 2 minutes into the show. Lots of poses and dips. Probably to hide the fact that her technique is not there. Yes, I know it's week 1 but she didn't do much footwork. I saw 2 lock steps that didn't move anywhere and that's about it. The dress was good for the cha cha. Liked the color. 7's are ok but a little high based on lack of content.

Jack. not bad but heavy on his down steps. Did not like the song. She did use time at the beginning so he wouldn't have to dance as long. But overall not bad. More content than maria's dance but it's harder to fake the foxtrot. 8,7,8. Still a little high but I'll let him have it.

Donald. Entertaining, can move, needs to watch his feet, little pigeon toed. Pretty good song. I wonder how he'll do with the ballroom dances rather then latin. more content than maria but lots o…

more cats

An update on 'cats, cats, cats'. It's almost halfway completed. At least in terms of where on the chart I am. I believe the chart to be bottom heavy with the cross-stitches while the top has a bit more of just backstitching as indicated by the heart and randomly placed black squares.

I did not get my dress back from my teacher so pictures are still not available. I'll have it Tuesday, I hope. I have to wear it Saturday and I still have a few things to do once he's finished stoning it. I did have it on last week and it moves really cool.

Update time.

The larger stones I ordered came Monday so I spent most of the week adding them to my dress. Sparkly aren't they? 16mm square Swarovski crystals in crystal AB. I spent most of the week adding them to the dress. I have a solid row at the top and bottom of the dress and skipping every other one in the middle. I did this because I didn't know if I'd have enough to fill them in completely. Turns out I did but my teacher liked it that way. He currently has the dress and gauntlets to stone (hey, he offered) and I unfortunately didn't take a picture of the dress before I gave it to him. Well, better to surprise you when it's finished. Although he's gotten it in his head for me to make another dress, same design but different colors by mid-June. Right... First I'm doing the black velvet to go with that belt I have and I still have the sparkly blue/silver sequined dress to make. Just a little under two weeks until Tri-state. Eek!

Because I finished stoning the dress…

Cats, cats, cats

This is the name of the next cross-stitch I'll be working on. I was pretty tired Thursday evening and wanted one I didn't kit myself. Thus no searching through my floss bags if I ran out. This probably won't hold my attention until its finished.

I've gotten the dress finished. I cut all loose fringe that wouldn't make the overall dress look odd and hand sewed the ones that would. My square stones will hopefully arrive tomorrow and most of my night will be spent sewing those onto the dress. I really should go downstairs and finish up the gauntlets. I have them cut out but haven't quite gotten around to actually making them. Playing with my serger tension is part of it. They're mesh so the test scrap isn't running through like the lycra. I may just use my normal machine and see what happens.