DWTS season 16: week 8

Next week is the semi-finals. Eek!

Zendaya. A happy foxtrot. Odd music, but it worked. Smooth and graceful. I'll agree with the scores but depending on the rest of the night they could be higher.

Sean. He looked like he was thinking too much. His posture was leaning towards Peta and his butt was sticking out. I guess I'll agree with the scores.

Jacoby. I felt as if he could have stood up straighter. His footwork looked a bit odd at times.

Ingo. It wasn't bad, but he could've been smoother in the footwork. He stepped back instead of gliding. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Kellie. Why was she in place so much at the beginning? Then when they finally start to dance, I couldn't see her feet because of the fog. It was pretty. Scores are a little high for me.

Aly. Something was missing but I can't figure out what. I didn't think it wast the best of the round.

Trio dances. One of the newer sections they I really like.

Zendaya. Thank you for actually dancing a salsa. And the scores are correct.

Sean. He didn't so much throughout the dance and what he did do looked bad against the matching girls. He need up a few times. It just looked bad. Don't know if that was worth 21.

Jacoby. He rushed some positions. Also some moving passes he lost the paso feel. Overall it felt rushed. I'll agree with the scores.

Ingo. His feet were bad during the kicks and flicks. I think he concentrated more on the expression and energy. I can't stand his pants. I don't know if it deserved 8's.

Kellie. She looked blank during dance. Almost robotic in the movements. It was good, but she could have done more. Maybe 8's for me.

Aly. Why are they purposefully walking through the steps other then the chasses? It also looked more like a broadway/jazz piece rather than jive. Too high.

Ingo or Sean can go home tomorrow. They're clearly the weakest left.


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