Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interesting fractional stitches

While working on John Clayton's dancer series, I came across some interesting fractal stitches. If they can be called that.

As shown on the instruction sheet, there are full cross-stitches that are only 1x2.  They can be vertical or horizontal. I find this to be an interesting way of adding extra dimension and smoother lines. It also allows for a smaller amount of colors. Unless you're converting a photograph using software, it's hard for a designer to create the shading required for a Golden Kite, for example, type of creation. The other way I've seen is to use 1 over one in certain areas. Of course, you cannot use a blend of colors when using this technique.

An interesting note with the 1x2 stitches, sometimes it ends up that a full cross-stitch ends up being offset. This can be seen with the sideburns and jawline in the face below.

It's an interesting way of adding details to a piece. With a slimmer chance of driving either the designer or the stitcher too crazy.

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