DWTS season 16: week 9

It's the semi-finals. Where did the season go?

Round 1: the normal dances

Kellie. Lots of good lifts and spins but she didn't take all that many steps. Still not sure what the stand and twist your hips move is. Derek is the only one who uses it. She could have had more expression. I don't know if I would give it a perfect score, but we'll see how the rest of the night goes.

Ingo. No bounce, no hips, awkward feet, stiff overall. Too high.

Ally. What's with the nearly flat shoes? No hips, she continued her arms through the pause but she stood still with every other part of her body. I don't think it was that passionate. Way too high.

Jacoby. He had more steps than Kellie, and thus traveled better. The lifts were better incorporated for me. I thought his butt stuck out a bit too much at times. So far this is the only dance that was worth being scored a 30.

Zendaya. I think she messed up her footwork a tiny bit. She could have looked up a bit more. It was fast and had a lot of steps. It was better than only one point above Ingo.

Round 2: the new dances

Kellie. Derek did most of the fancy stuff. Most of what Kellie did was repetitive. I still think they were scored too high.

Ingo. He went off time from Kym a few times. It was an OK dance. too high.

Aly. Um. OK? Really hard to critique it. Too high in my opinion.

Jacoby. It had energy. A little mess up at the beginning. Very entertaining. Can't comment on lindy hip technique too much. I think I'll agree with the scores for the first time tonight.

Zendaya. Well, that's her style.

Ingo should be the one going home tomorrow.


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