DWTS season 17: week 3

Hollywood night

Leah. Lots of step, pose, and spins. Not any astral steps. She had the passion but it was a bit stiff and careful. The shoes didn't help. It made her almost step on her heel first instead of the toe. The dress almost looked like a ballroom dress rather than Latin. Scores are too high for my liking.

Corbin. It was a bit too up and down and in place. It didn't travel enough. He lost his posture a little bit. I guess I'll give it to them but it's a little high.

Elizabeth. Oh good, she can do ballroom. Smooth, fluid and not bad in hold.   Compared to others, it should have scored higher.

Brant. The variation on that song was majorly distracting for me. A bit odd. They traveled more than Corbin. Don't know if it deserved straight 9s.

Valerie. She completely lost track of the choreography. And that song was not really a cha cha. The dress isn't that flattering. I'll agree with the scores.

Bill e. Another odd song. A bit stuttering in the pacing. He's growing on me but he's still not in the top of the pack. I would have given 7s at best. He tries.

Amber. Like the song, they took some Charleston and put a lot more modern moves to it. Her shoes are still a little too flat for me. An odd mix for me. I think I'll let them slide this week.

Jack. It felt stomping/stepping to me. There was no hop action which made it look a bit awkward. I'll give it to them.

Christina. I like the song, but the band butchered it. It's from the off Broadway play the wild party. I liked this one better than Amber's. just a tad. Too high.

Snooki. Much better but it felt like she was riding over rough pavement. Very bouncy. Maybe because she's so short? Too high.

Bill n. I know they did that because of his leg but it wasn't good. It was more a bad animation rather than jazz. Well Tyne was doing jazz. too high.

Well that was a new way to tell who is its jeopardy. Very quick.
Bill n is eliminated. Probably good given his injury. I don't know if the production made the decision and superseded the votes.

Once again, the judges are overscoring a lot of people.


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