Too many crafts

Not enough time. First up, my progress on Grand Ball. I have some more heads that may or may not be attached to anything.

Now for some crazy reason, I've decided to add quilting to my already long list of crafts that I do. I picked these fabrics up at Joann's labor day sale.

I think the cats are cute and I'll probably use the other packet in conjunction with a safari panel that I picked up months ago. As for the jelly rolls. The multicolored one will be used, with black to create the basketweave-ish pattern below on the left. Minus the flowers of course because they don't go and I don't have enough fabric. I also picked up fabric to create the Halloween wall hanging quilt and two of each place mat.

Is there a AAA for crafting addicts?

On a non-crafty update, school started again this week. One more semester, three classes and I'll have a Masters. I should start looking for a job...

Onyx was being cute. My comforter had skewed off my bed and left a little cave. She decided to curl up in it for a few hours.


  1. Dude.. good luck with your quilting! And very cute shot of Onyx.


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