DWTS Season 17: Week 1

These posts will be later than in past seasons because I have class on Monday nights.
Loved the opening number. Very different than usual. Let's get the season started. 

Brant. Good looking. But stiff and was walking or not doubt anything for most of the dance. Hip movement was w vote awkward.  I liked Peta's dress. I think the scores were to high. But week see how the rest of the night goes.

Leah. Odd music for a foxtrot. She seemed to mess up a little bit. She has some potential. Needed to be smoother. There's something off about her dress that isn't that flattering. The belt is too high?  I guess I'll give them the scores based on the standard for the night so far.

Corbin. Well, he can dance. How will he can take on the actual ballroom dances is left to be seen. I'll give them the scores but only because he was the best of the night so far.

Jack. Song was more swing than foxtrot. He wasn't bad. Could be a bit more fluid. He did heel leads! Latin may be more difficult for him though. Cheryl's dress is a bit odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. Very little cha cha. But I always hear that song as a quickstep. It's too fast. But she can move. Too high for lack of content.

Elizabeth. Another one who can dance. Why did they give them contemporary? Why is that style still around at all? She'll be good with ballroom. Well see how she fares with Latin.

Bill n. A bit stiff but I'll give him c for content. He had now than Amber and Brant so why is Len calling him out for lack of it? I like her dress without the pink feathers. Scores are a bit too low.

Keyshawn. His feet are horrible. The cha cha parts were not very good. Better than bill though. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Christina. Um... mark did a bit of an odd peeve of choreography. Not a fan of flexed feet. I guess I'll agree with the scores.

Bill e. Better than I was expecting but still nowhere near the top. That stunt was a cha cha rather than a foxtrot. The music is really off this season. I like her dress except for the crazy ruffle. I'll give him the scores.

Valerie. the odd music choices continue. She really needs to quell in the transitions between moves. It looks awkward. I'll whew with the scores.

Snooki. Better than I thought. But it looked odd to me. Too bouncy for a cha cha? The cuban breaks are ok but there were too many grapevines and why was she lifting her left foot so high. To high for me.

I like Tom asking the questions. There's a clear line between the top and bottom of the pack this year. Lots of good dancers.


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