When I get an idea in my head...

It can take over even if I know I'm not going to execute it right away. First my progress on Grand Ball, then to explain the latest diversion my brain seems to be preoccupied with.

Almost done with the first 25%. Tried to finish it today but couldn't. If I hadn't made a few scarves this week and been bothered by a cold, I probably would have done it. Also ended up cutting some fabric strips for my first quilt earlier.

Anyway, recently I got a whole bunch of patterns. Of the costume patterns I picked up, one was based on 'Brave' and two were based on 'Once Upon A Time'. Now combine this with the fall season starting up, a show on Syfy I've been watching called 'Heroes of Cosplay', and the fact that I look bad in white, I ended up wanting to make one of the outfits the evil queen wears on the show.

So, take this pattern:

Which when compared to the screenshots from the show, are pretty close to what she's actually wearing, and the wheels start turning.

View A which is what they made is the following outfit, complete with cape. (pants and bodice not included for any pattern.

I didn't find these until later but I crossed it off my list due to the fact that it is a lot of fabric, more so that even the others. View B is this fancy little number, which I love.

Now, upon sourcing this material online, I found a purple flocked taffeta with almost the same pattern, and is relatively cheap, but I would really love brocade (which is about six times as expensive per yard)

Even then, this is the one that seems to call to me.

She wears it a few times and the only difference seems to be the neck and lack of a hat. I like the black choker. Needless to say, I need to somehow pick up the following:
  • 6 yards dark red velvet
  • 1.5 yards embroidered netting preferable with sequins/rhinestones
  • 1.5 yards black brocade
  • 5 yards of black lining
  • pink to go under the lace at the neck and sleeves
  • lace for the cuffs
  • 'leather' for the bias binding
  • cameo brooch and a few other things
Why does my brain do this to me? Why can't it get stuck on good story ideas for short films that don't require a multi-million dollar budget to film?

In addition, I already have a quilt I want to make, a dress I may want to wear to my 10 year reunion at Thanksgiving, a Halloween wall quilt and placemats, and various other items that I already have the materials to start. Plus I have school and looking for a job.

Thank you for somehow managing to read all my ramblings and make it this far.


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