DWTS season 17: week 2

Another cute opening where they didn't just walk down the stairs.

Elizabeth. ooh a proper Samba song. Probably the best samba I've seen a celebrity,  especially this early. The bounce was not choreographed into the dance but it wasn't filled with shimmying and fluff steps.  I'll agree with the scores.

Christina. Didn't wow me although she danced it well. Interesting dress. A little high possibly?

Bill e. He looks like he's having fun. He picked his knees up but at times he did look like he walked through it. But not that much. A lot to work on with technique. Scores are ok but maybe high.

Jack. The fog couldn't hide the fact that he was doing heel leads in Latin which is a big no no. Cheryl danced around him a lot and his hips were non existent for the most part. Too high.

Keyshawn. This is a hustle song not a samba. He had no bounce, he was stomping when he did move. It was not good. I'll give them the scores but too high for me.

Snooki. It looked careful and very stop and go. Her face looked flat. She had the figure 8s but she didn't settle into her hips. Too high.

Leah. The dance didn't live up to the opening poses. It was careful. She had some bounce but the carefulness brought down the possible impact. Too high.

Bill n. Not good, but the song didn't help. I like her dress. But the scores are too high.

Corbin. Yeah... he can dance. I'm having trouble finding a critique. I'll agree with the scores.

Valerie. She attempted the attitude but her body didn't follow the way she probably wanted. She worked her skirt pretty well. I think the judges are being generous.

Brant. whenever there's fog I think it's to hide the horrible footwork. He has potential and had the right attitude but he's not in the top pack this season. A tad to high for me.

Amber. More content than last week. Her feet could've been more pointed for the kicks and flicks. The completely flat shoes are not helpful when dancing.  I'll give them the 8s.

The elimination. I'm not surprised with Keyshawn going home.


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