A change up

No cross-stitch this week. Well, I did work a bit more on Grand Ball but I couldn't keep my mind interested in it. I found myself watching the TV more than stitching. My next few random numbers brought me to new pieces or once that really needed my attention. I didn't quite feel up to that so I pulled an afghan out of the closet.

I made several of these. I also remembered why I put it away. I had to make 32 of them. I have 11 now. 21 to go. Oh joy.

But I made most of this guy today in a few hours. Isn't he a cute little octopus?
If he's anything like the cat I made, he'll be joining my household for a while even if I put him on Etsy. Which reminds me, I need to take a better photo of that shawl I made and put it on there...

On the dance front, I have a partner now so I'll be getting back into competitions soon. Yay!


  1. Love the octopus! And at least you have one more of those crochet pieces made. Hope your new partner works out well!


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