NaNoWriMo eek!

And I'm back to a Saturday update! Let's see how long that lasts. I have two mid-terms this week. One test is Monday. The other is to have five pages of a website done and have them link together. And that needs to be ready for class on Thursday so we can critique them.
Anyway, I finished the back to the sweater.
And got fairly far on the left side.
But will have to take a short break to work on a baby blanket that needs to be done by next weekend.

Onyx looking cute but getting hair on my sheets rather than my comforter.

And now for the content dealing with the title of this post. NaNoWriMo starts on Friday. And I don't have a plot! Rather I have too many plots or inklings of ideas, none of which have a definitive ending or are fleshed out very much.

Plot #1: Gotten from a 7th Sanctum generator:
This story starts in a military outpost on a prairie world where magic is part of everyday life. In it, a dungeon delver with demonic blood gets a job with a drunken gladiator. What starts as carnal interest quickly becomes obsessive love.
I've decided to modify this plot a bit. It will no longer be purely a prairie world. The dungeon in question will have been created by a demon and will be set up kind of like Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken land. The half-demon delver is female, the gladiator male.

Plot #2: Takes place in a Victorian-era-ish city where prostitution is legal. Rebels are plotting to overthrow the corrupt government. One has managed to infiltrate the 'club' house but has not been able to get any info to help the cause. Until he sees Evangeline stay for a meeting. Evangeline is considered the best prostitute in the business, and therefore one of the highest paid. Our spy takes a new approach.
I have the beginning in my head up until she agrees to help but after that I'm drawing a blank.

Plot #3: A young girl, Clarice, grows up in the castle as her parents are both servants there. She's the same age as the bratty princess. Everyone loves Clarice except the princess and her father, the crown prince. Eventually the old king dies, and the princess' father takes over. The kingdom goes to ruin and there's rumors of people trying to usurp the throne from the horrible king. There's a legend in the kingdom that the large pearl that sits above the throne is magical and upon the right 'key' being used, will open and help save the kingdom.
Clarice opens it, the pearl becoming a young wizard. Some backtalk ensues and the bratty princess having enough banishes Clarice to the dungeon. The 'pearl' rescues her.
Yeah... Don't know where this one is going.

Plot #4: This one takes place in a hot, arid land populated with a mercenary race. The crown princess and sole heir to the throne is rebellious. The king finally hires a bodyguard to watch her. This bodyguard is mute. He does his job well. Despite her initial annoyance and distaste for her new bodyguard, eventually she falls in love with him.
Eventually her father holds a tournament/challenge to determine the next king. She's not happy. The challenges are inconclusive as no one man wins the majority of the tests. The princess proposes one last one and has it open to all who wish to try again.

Plot #5: Twin sisters who are total opposites. One is Hollywood's golden child. Top model and starting to break into film. The other has always been in the shadows.
Hollywood sister gets the other one a job on set. The male co-star ends up taking a liking to the 'shadow' rather than the 'light'.

Plot #6: Takes place in a future world where the laws are very strictly enforced. If you break one, even a minor one, you are automatically taken away and never heard from again. Someone decides to break a rule on purpose, to see behind the curtain, and find their lover who was wrongly accused.

Help? Suggestions? Comments?


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