Dwts season 17: week 5

No stairs again this time. Wonder if they're ever going back to them.

Christina. Her knees were too bent. In back breaks the knees should not be bent unless you're doing American rhythm, which they're not. Some of the choreography I didn't care for. I don't think of it was worth a 10.

Jack. Not bad. The rise and fall could have been more fluid. It looked like he just feel into the down. I'll give them the scores but think it should be a bit lower. I feel tonight's am over scored night.

Leah. Strangely I think the part I'll remember best is the crew taking away the chair. It just wasn't that memorable. I guess I'll give them the scores.

Corbin. I liked the choreography but the Ryder abs fall was a bit jerky. Maybe it was the speed. Why did they put him in tails for a smooth foxtrot? Tails is a standard thing. I'll agree with the scores.

Bill. He was leaning forward too much. He kept up with the footwork for the most part but it was a slow Viennese. A little high but this is one of the simplest dances.

Snooki. I feel like it was simple but energetic. It was more side by side except for the lifts. I think it was scored a bit too high.

Brant. It was ok. I felt there was a disjoint between the choreography and the song. A little high for me.

Amber. What the heck? that was not anywhere close to a foxtrot song. It was more a hustle. The only foxtrotty part was in hold and even then it was rushed. I agree with Len's score. Don't know what the other two are doing.

Elizabeth. She kept up. Kicks and flicks could be sharper. A few other tiny little things felt a bit off to me. I'll agree with the scores.

Christina going home is a bit of a shocker.


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