Dwts season 17: week 6

Love the opening. 

Bill. The song is a swing, not a Tango. Nothing even resembling a Tango. That being said, it wasn't a bad Tango but it felt like he had one tempo for the steps instead of quick and slow steps. Little high for me.

Elizabeth. There wasn't too much actual cha cha. Lots of spins and Val dancing. Her knees could have been straighter at times. It was well executed otherwise. I'll give it to them but not quite perfect for me.

Leah. It was a slower Quickstep. It was underwhelming for me. She held her frame pretty nicely. Too high for me.

Brant. Interesting dress. Sharp and intense with decent footwork. Little bobble at the end. I'll agree with the scores.

Amber. She had the bounce to a better degree than most bit other parts needed more work. The middle section was not samba. Footwork was messy. Not 10 material.

Jack. He tried, but hips were not forward enough and the flinging of his arm did not make it feel strong. Feet looked flubbed near the beginning. I think the scores are a tad too high for me.

Snooki. cute but a little too bouncy for my taste when out of hold. I'll give it to them but too high for me.

Corbin. I want to do a show dance to this song. Or the theme to Sherlock. Interesting choreography. A little low for me but I understand the reason why.

Switch up challenge. Or as I call it, social dancing with the stars. Interesting challenge. I like it but would have liked a bit more actual ballroom steps from the first group. I don't know if I agree with the order for the second group. I like Emma's dress.

No elimination this week? Well the technical flub is a good reason.


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