Dwts season 17: week 4

The Stars did less than usual in the opening. And that was the splashiest judges intro ever.

Jack. I felt like his butt was sticking out a bit. feet and frame could be better. Cheryl's dresses have been a bit odd this season. Tad high in the scores.

Elizabeth. The closed hold is a little too loose compared to what I've been seeing at my dance socials lately. Still one of the styles I don't really know technically. I liked it. I'll agree with the scores.

Brant. Why is Peta's dress so low on the hips? All shaking came from his upper body. He barely moved during most of the dance. His lack of hip movement made his basic look odd. I still think they overscored him but this week is a little better in the scores reflecting what he did.. 

Valerie. I know she's trying but she got lost a bit, not add much as the cha cha and she was severely off balance. I'll give them the scores.

Leah. Careful, not full out, and her knees were bent nearly the entire time. It wasn't as sharp as cha cha should be with the leg action. Ok, but maybe a bit high.

Corbin. It was danced well but something felt off to me. The hips maybe? I'll give it to them.

Snooki. The way she just picked up her knees with no other movement looked odd. The kicks and flicks need worked. Felt a little lindy at times rather than jive. A bit high.

Christina. Footwork looked a bit hesitant and part of marks choreography was not very foxtrot-y. There wasn't too much in hold. Overall I think it's too high, but based in the night I may give them the scores.

Amber. Pretty good. She looked top straight for Tango. The song was odd for a Tango.  I'm still undecided on whether that was worth the scores.

Bill. Um... Were those supposed to be voltes at the end? At least Emma didn't dance around him like some other routines we saw tonight. I don't know if it was that good or if it should tie with Valerie.

Person going home is Valerie. Which is probably for the best.


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