Dwts season 17: week 7

Elizabeth. When they first took hold and before they really started I feel as if she was leaving over forward. It felt a bit frantic but it may have been set up like that to give them a reason for it not bring as tight in hold. I'll give them the scores. 

Brant. Clean, but needs work on his kicks and flicks. But it seemed to have the same timing throughout. I didn't see many 'and' steps. Little too high for me.

Leah. She tried but she got off time and a bit lost at times. Her spins seemed slightly off balance. Too high.

Can I have Sharna's dress she was wearing for the Quickstep with Gleb?

Jack. The usual critiques, flicks and kicks need to be better. The rhythm was more varied them Brant's. I actually saw triple steps. Too high.

Amber. Not bad. I felt like she had her skirt too much when she wasn't in hold.  Derek may have been forcing her into place during the in hold parts. Too high.

Bill. I feel like he was stiff. He looked like he was bending over slightly during most of the dance. Don't know if it deserved 8s.

Snooki. She looked timid and tentative during the samba sections. The bounce was kinda off. She went in and out of the dance in terms of comfort level. Too high.

Corbin. Interesting. I liked parts of it but others not so much. the parts that were cha cha were sharp and clean. But the song was a bit odd for a cha cha. Also saw a fair bit of samba moves. I think I agree more with Len in the scores. 

Team dances.

Spooky Bom Bom. Some of the individual parts looked almost like an after thought. Interesting concept though.

Foxing Awesome. That is one of the stupidest songs I've ever heard. I just couldn't get into it. I don't know if I can give it a prefect score but it was better, technically, than the other team. But they had the majority of the good dancers.

I would have thought Bill would be going home not Snooki.


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