I skipped a week. I know. I knew I was late last week because I was trying to finish the sweater. I did that on Tuesday but figured I'd wait until the weekend to post the update. I had completely forgotten I was going to be busy all day Saturday with rehearsal for the benefit concert for my old summer theater program which has been dark for 10 years. Then I ended up needing Sunday to recover and therefore only took pictures today. Eek.
Anyway. Here's the purple circular sweater.

And my next crochet project, another sweater. Well, cardigan.
It's a cable 'knit-look' cardigan. This is the back, I also have two front panels, sleeves and buttons. I did make a modification to the pattern as the Fpdc were too short and were pulling the middle, worse than the bottom row currently looks.. I should probably get another ball of yarn. Or two. I may make the sleeves longer.


  1. Nice finish, and nice start on your next one. I love the colours you chose in each one.


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