Frog infestation

I think I've had to frog more of this piece than I have all year. I keep messing up either with counting or with a color blend. I thought I had the blend right, but I didn't and had to frog that. I realized I miscounted the right side but that was an easy fix. Just add another column to the far right. I'm surprised I managed to get this far with it.

More bad news, my Daylight bulb burnt out earlier in the week as well and I didn't have an extra. The good news is GE makes an equivalent bulb for less than half the price. And it's a bit brighter.

I have two more days of school, both finals, and I will be finished. A Masters degree in one year. Now I just need a job.


  1. Yikes.. sorry to hear about the frogging issues, but congrats on getting your Masters so quickly! I hope a job doesn't take too long, and nice score on the bulb. I'll keep that in mind when mine goes.


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