First milestone: I am almost halfway done with Put On Your Red Shoes. I'm still having to frog more than I would like, but I'm catching the mistakes fairly quick and correcting them before it affects something else.

Second Milestone: I am done with my Masters. Today was the official end of the semester. Two of my three grades are posted, including the one I was iffy about. I know I didn't fail the course but the traffic getting down to my final was horrible and I didn't have time to look over my notes right before the test began. I thought I would've had to go to class to show my final for another course but he said just to email it to him. Therefore I was officially done Thursday afternoon as soon as I hit send.

Next up: Finding a job and getting ready for a ballroom competition in January. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I found an amateur partner. We've been practicing since September and will be competing in our first competition in a few weeks. Latin only this time, we'll add smooth and/or standard later.


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