End of NaNoWriMo and Black Friday

First off, there won't be much progress with my crafts this week because I spent most of it attempting to finish NaNoWriMo when I was really, really behind from not writing for several days.
As you can see from the graph, I somehow managed to write ~15,000 words in 3 days. I won!
Now for my slight craft progress. I finished the one sleeve on Sunday. As I was getting bored with the same stitch pattern, I started working on a felt stocking for myself. Don't know if it'll be done in time for Christmas but it's started.

 Then there's Black Friday. My mom and I actually went to Old Navy and Macy's when they opened on Thursday night. It was relatively quiet. The stores I went to on Friday were fairly quiet as well in the late morning. Among the few skeins of ruffle yarns I picked up, there were a few of latest Butterick patterns that they got in stock since last week.
The fabrics pictured below are mainly for 2 craft projects and a nightshirt for me. The kitty print is for the nightshirt, the two Christmas prints are for a stuffed tree centerpiece. The paw prints are for a stuffed cat.

These are for a Santa wreath.
I found the purple faux suede in the clearance fabrics. The other two are a shimmery polyester, and a acrylic faux leather.

I picked up two cross-stitch kits and one crewel kit (the flowers). I've only done crewel once before and it was a picture of white tigers. I loved how they came out with an almost 3d quality to them.

I think I'm going to lock my credit card away now...

Also on Black Friday, my dad went to Petco and received a free pair of pet reindeer antlers.

Onyx doesn't like them very much.


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