TW's Celestial Dragon

It's done! In under three months. I had to take two days off this week because I ran out of purple beads.

Here's a close up for the detail on the head.

A few notes for those deciding to stitch this design. While the pattern told me what I needed to stitch this, it failed to mention quantities. You will need two skeins for the following #'s. 420, 422, 677, 738, 792, 794. You will need minimal amounts of the following #'s. 991, 3346, 3765. You will also need 3 packages of Mill Hill 40252.

On a different note, my cat decided to sleep on my clean robe.


  1. I think I will forward this to a priest I know, whose wife is Chinese - this is exquisite, and I know she would appreciate it. Thank you for posting this, Katie! (Meg from Intricate XS)

  2. Beautiful! I have this one in my stash. You are a fast stitcher. It would take me years to complete this.

    1. Thank you. It helps that I had a lot of free time.


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