Dwts season 18: week 6

Nene. There was shaking. But no hips in the basics. Her grunge didn't move. By oozing up her knees like that she didn't rotate her hips to get the hip motion. There was very little actual salsa. Over praised and over scored.

Candace. Maybe it was the song but it looked robotic. There was no hips during the actual cha cha parts. Cha cha is sharp but there's also some fluidity. Locksteps sucked. Over praised and over scored, again.

James. He looked like he was leaning forward a bit in hold. Other times his feet looked sloppy. Part of it may be the sneakers rather than actual shoes. Don't know if it was 9s.

Danica. The song is barely a cha cha. Maybe that's why Val didn't put that much in. Her knees could have been straighter during some transitions, mainly spins. That being said, what she did do was pretty good. I'll the the the 9s just because of where they pace so far

Meryl. I liked it. I was having trouble seeing her feet because it was so quick. At one point she may have had her back too arched. Overall, it looked easy which is how is supposed to. Interesting outfit on Meryl. I agree with the scores.

Drew. It seemed slow for a Tango. Some parts were interesting but it seemed a bit off at times. I'm iffy on whether I agree with the scores.

Charlie. Despite the package, I didn't see much hip action. He was either standing still and switching her from side to side or doing rondes. Additionally the song really isn't a cha cha. I may give them the scores. But I didn't see what the judges did in terms of technique.

Amy. Fun number. I'm surprised she could bounce from foot to foot like that without Derek's support. One advantage in the kicks and flicks was her feet can't flop like most people. I'll give them the scores.
Drew is gone. But he is one of the weaker dancers.


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