Dwts season 18: week 7

Amy. She tried. But Derek was helping her out a lot. Anyone else would get picked on for being in hold the whole time. Due to her disability it had a bit of a jilted feel at times. And it was repetitive. Too high for me.

James. He did move his hips. But there was a bit too much stationary section. He also had too many steps in the samba rolls. Too high.

Danica. It felt careful, but part of that was the rib. Very simple for this point in the competition and not much actual salsa. I'll give them the scores but they were generous.

Nene. The music didn't match. She still had the same problems as always. Careful and soft. Too high.

Charlie. Really strange song choice. He seemed a bit hoppy at times. He should've been more grounded. He also seemed to high during his turns. I would've given 8s. Not a 10.

Candace. I like her dress. The song and choreography was a little weird. Too much stopping. I'll give her the scores but a little high for me.

Meryl. She could've used her hips a bit more in the basics but it was entertaining. But I will say during the side by side with the girls there wasn't too much discrepancy. I agree with the scores based on the easy of the dances for the night.

Team vida. It was clear how careful Nene was dancing compared to Peta and Sharna. Charlie had the most intricate solo, the other two seemed to half ass it. The longer shorts on Nene were not flattering. 9 and 10 were overscored, 8s were a bit better.

Team loca. Candace seemed the least comfortable with the choreography. Overall it was a better performance than the other team.

It was Nene's time to leave. She was clearly the weakest left.


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