DWTS season 18: week 4

Candace w/ Tony. It was cute. Her frame could have been better. I realize it was rock and they could get away with wild a bit more. I'll agree with the scores.

James w/ Cheryl. I liked it but felt he was landing either flat foot or top toeing around. His lower body looked awkward, either because of the previous observation or causing. He could have closed his feet more too. Can I have her dress? Don't know if it was 9s given his position.

Drew w/ Whitney. Entertaining as always but felt small and stiff. No hips except the thrusting. Not his best dance. He does better with ballroom. Over scored.

Danica w/ Maks. The kicks and flicks were very good. It was a fun number. Cute ending. The high heeled sneakers looked odd. I'll agree with the scores.

Charlie w/ Peta. It seemed to be a lot of spinning, and Charlie going low to switch sides. There wasn't much I could point out was syllabus. No hip action. Don't think it was 9s.

Amy w/ Mark. A basic salsa. The music didn't sound like a salsa. Kind of slow in addition. 8s yes, maybe not 9s.

Cody w/ Sharna. It was jerky in the rise and fall. Almost all movements were initiated with a jerk and then went smooth. Which isn't really foxtrot. The song didn't help with that either. A tad high maybe?

Nene w/ Derek. Um, she didn't move much. She pretty much stayed in place. And it didn't seemed jazz too me. Too high.

Meryl w/ Val. Odd song choice for Argentine Tango but they made it work. Very sexy routine. I'll agree with the scores.


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