Returning to a project

Since my dragon is now finished, it's time to go back to my random numbers which pulled out "In the Garden". I'd say I'm about 1/3 of the way done with page 4.

I also got back into my sewing, I worked on a nightgown today and it used self bias binding on the neck, which I've determined it the way to go with the shirt that I've put on hold. Thankfully, I have a fair amount of fabric left to make this.

But I've been bad. Essentially my parents told me to go shopping because I was getting some money back on my taxes. Although the last few times I've wandered through Joann's not much in way of fabric caught my eye, but it did this time. I picked up some essentials, bobbins for one thing, but a lot of fabric for projects this time, not so much 'ooh, pretty must have!' My stash addition includes these two pieces.

A bonded lace and a twill. The lace is becoming a dress because i saw something similar in a catalogue, and the twill is a pair of jeans, once I perfect the pattern with a blue fabric I bought for a pair of shorts. There was also some leopard, because I just can't resist leopard. I'm just glad 90% of cross-stitch patterns don't call to me like fabric does.

On the camp NaNoWriMo front, I've been writing every day but falling behind. Nothing I can't catch up on, but I'm seriously lacking in ideas at this point. Well, there are some ideas floating about like fireflies but I can't seem to catch them long enough to get more than a few hundred words out of them.


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