Dwts Season 18: week 10 night 1

Round 1 (switch-up redo)

James. Interesting dress, odd hair. Why did she break hold? Why didn't they call her on it? Better posture tonight but there was something missing for me. Not 10 worthy for me, barely 9s.

Meryl. Yay! Better song than last time, not as sharp. I agree with the scores.

Candace. She forgot the routine a few times, her frame was too upright. She didn't look comfortable until the very end of the dance. Odd hair on her as well. Too high.

Amy. No hips, which may be a balance thing with her. And too many swivels. She has improved but the actual steps used are minimal. Too high for me.

Round 2 (freestyle)

James. Not that found of hip hop. Lost synch in a place or two. It was cool in some places but didn't really do anything for me. I'll agree with Len.

Meryl. Yay! Again. That I enjoyed. Beautiful dance. I agree with the scores.

Candace. It was cute, but some of the transitions were awkward. A bit too cheesy for me. I agree with the scores.

Amy. I'm a bit tired of hearing the story about her legs at this point in the competition. The dance was good but it was in place like every dance this season. I'll give them the scores.

And the couple going home is James. He's better than Candace. Why is she still in?


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