Dwts season 18: week 10 night 2

It's the final show. Tonight we find out who wins and are also reminded of the stars who left at the bringing of the season. Anne the reason they left so early. Just a warning, I've only slept 2 hours after being awake for about 24. I may be a bit snarky/sassy.

Guess James' fans had nothing better to do but get them the encore.

The team loca encore was a really good look at the differences between the final four girls. Candace is still the weakest.

Drew. Entertaining but technique sucked. Especially when compared to the pros

The clips with Erin were funny.

Charlie and Meryl looked like they took their ice routine and danced it on wood.

Nene. She stood in place and shook. That was not a dance.

Danica. Why isn't she in the finale?

Cody. Can the chorus to that song have any fewer unique words?

Charlie. As good as the original performance. Even he had to laugh at that malfunction. At least he didn't drop it.
James. Still don't like how he dances cha cha.

Fusion dances

Amy. It was ok. Lots and lots of swivels. There was barely anything else for the cha cha portion. She can't perform the basics. Too high.

(Much better performance to talk dirty than the opening.)

Candace. Odd song choice. Too slow for both dances. And it was a recycling of previous routines. Too high.

Meryl. Her new yorkers could be better, but she actually travels with the locksteps. I'll agree with the scores.

3rd place - Candace, thankfully

Winners are Meryl and Maks! Yes! Yes! Yes!


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