What a difference a week makes

This post can alternatively be called. I have no luck lately.

Last week, the tops of the frogs were barely visible. This week, you can see four and I've started on the fifth.

I also broke down and bought some yarn. I got everything pictured for under $20 from Goodwill. All cotton, a combination of Glace, Cabled Mercerised Cotton, and Nice, the latter two are discontinued. My best haul was the six balls of blue cabled pictured at the top.

As for the no luck, for almost a month I've been dealing with the ramifications of being caught in a fraud scam. That reared it's head again a few days ago and today I got rear-ended while stopped for a light. That's on top of still not having a job. I do have something this coming week, but it's unpaid for five 12-16 hour days, including two overnight shoots. So my current mood is a combination of depressed and annoyed.


  1. I'm sorry things haven't been going your way. Excellent progress on the frogs though, and great haul on the yarn.. wow! That's amazing. Fingers crossed things turn around for you soon.


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