Dwts season 18: week 9

Candace. She looked uncomfortable and was forgetting the routine. Viennese Waltz is one of the simplest dances and it came across jerky. The timing between the two got out of sync near the end. Too high. Not worth 9s.

Charlie. I liked that one. It was smooth and jazzy like a proper American foxtrot. I'll agree with the scores.

Amy. Cute. Switching feet helped. I'll give them the scores, but the feet can be a unfair advantage. It's not like changing shoes. Too high for me, it was good but not that good.

James. Eh. He was Pigeon toed slightly and was hopping into the new yorkers. His feet were sloppy during the cha cha steps. Back foot shouldn't be just the toe in the floor. Too high.

Meryl. Fun dance. A few places she could improve but not many, small details. I agree with the score.
Round 2

Candace. They almost felt like a dancing equivalent of paint by numbers. Felt disconnected. Too high.

Charlie. That song is not a samba, his shoes looked like that had to much traction bad on how he was placing his feet at times. Not a good dance for him. I may agree with the score.

Amy. Clever, but she was sitting the majority of the dance. She also lost sync with Derek. A little high for me.

James. He had no hip movement. Well there was a bit but it wasn't the right movement, to jerky. What did the judges see? A bit too much of Peta dancing around him. Too high for me.

Meryl. Tiny bit clunky at times, but I blame the shoes. Loved the balance spin. I agree with the scores.

Poor Charlie. Candace is the weakest dancer.


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