Dwts season 18: week 8

Charlie. I want her dress. I liked it. Better than he has been doing. It looked a bit odd when they first got into hold. They also got a good song. I'll give them the scores.

Danica. Interesting dress. I felt as if Val was dragging her around while they were in hold. I don't like the boots on her feet. I agree with the scores.

Meryl. Some technique was lost due to the lack of heels, but they wouldn't have fit with the story. I'll agree with the scores.

Candace. Meh. The routine was cute but I didn't care for it. There were some good moments, but there were a lot of places that needed work. And there were a few positions at the end that weren't pretty. A little high for me.

James. Felt a little jerky and looked a little off kilter during the spins. His knees being that bent the entire time didn't help with how odd he looks in hold. Not worth a 10. A little high for me.

Amy. It helped that they stayed in hold when she was on her feet. Some of the tricks were cool. She was sitting on the stool a little too much. Too high for me.

Dance duos (duals?)

Meryl/Danica. Odd song, really slow for a samba. They were a little off from each other, mainly saw it with the arms. I'll agree with the scores.

(Why does Teddy have that beard? )

Charlie/Candace. Interesting concept with Charlie and Candace doing the same choreography. One part of the lift sequence didn't look very fluid. I may agree with the scores.

James/Amy. Not bad technique-wise. But a bit repetitive. I'll give them the scores but I think it's a little high.

Danica is eliminated. I would've sent Candace home but that's me.

Just as a personal note, I will be working overnight the next two Mondays so I my opinions will be posted Tuesday afternoon at some point.


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