DWTS season 19: Week 3

Randy. I felt as if he was trying to dance it well but there was a disconnect. His body position didn't have the tension to be strong. His footwork didn't have the drive to support it either. He seems to do better with the ballroom. 7s were generous.

Alfonso. That song is a hustle first off. He didn't look as comfortable in hold. But they stayed close in the hips which is rare. And you support your shoulders with your back muscles. I'll agree with the scores.

Betsey. There were times her feet could have been pointed more. It seemed to be lift she tricks and not much in between. Too high even getting rid of Kevin's score.
Lea. She looked like she forgot the choreography a bit. Knees were a little too bent at times and she seemed on her toes rather than being grounded through her hips. Jive was better. I'll give her the scores.

Michael. Why is he safe? And where was the rise and fall? And the fluidity? And what were the judges seeing? Don't think it was worth 7s.

Antonio. Song was not a foxtrot. It was too fast. His shoulders were too high in hold. It didn't look right. Better than Micheal not an 8. I'm iffy on the 7s as well.

Sadie. I liked it but there were one or two moments out of hold where she had an odd position. I'll agree with the scores.

Jonathan. Interesting. I like her dress. I think his butt was sticking out. There wasn't much connection at the hips. Feet looked a bit flat. Barely give him the scores.

Janel. Loved that. Would call it Broadway rather than jazz bit I don't care. I agree with the scores.

Tommy. Much better then last week. There were one or two awkward moments. I'll give him the 8s.

Bethany. Cute. But I felt the wrap on her able was a bit distracting to me. I'll give them the scores but I preferred Janel's number.

And Randy goes home. Although he didn't quite live up to his initial foxtrot for me, Michael was the one that should've give home based on last week's dance.


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