Restarting my sewing

I think you can finally tell that there are people in this piece. I have *drum roll please* Two hands! Belonging to two different people! Is that a shirt collar too? (Ok, I'll stop)

And this is the crochet I've been working on. The pattern was not written clearly at all for the joining round. They didn't take into account the lack of a double shell. It should be joined in the ch2 of the shells but to make everything else work, I had to join the front to the back between shells. Several times as after I figured out how to join them properly to get 8 unworked shells on each side, I realized I skipped half of the shell earlier in the round (thankfully I caught the mistakes before I got too far along with the sleeves. That would've been disastrous.

And now for the title of the this post. I've started sewing again!

Well, I've cut out pattern pieces to sew something. Still need to get out my machine(s). Any guess as to what this will become? I'll give you a hint, it's not wearable. This is just to warm my sewing skills up for the major project for a specific event.

A wedding. Specifically a masquerade wedding on Halloween, formal attire. So yesterday I pulled out all the patterns I had that were or could be formal wear. I then gave a few of them to my mom to choose. Turns out the one she liked the best was the one I had the materials for.

So this one will finally come into existence. I'm making the bodice in muslin first to check the fit. I do not want to cut three layers of fabric for the bodice just to have to take it in. I have a little under two months to complete it.

I do have a back up dress in my closet should this somehow not come to fruition in time.

Maybe I'll get around to the Halloween quilt I bought materials for last year after this. Then the Christmas wreath. We'll see if I get on a roll or peter out like I did with that sun dress. Maybe I'll end up finishing that. I only had a few more steps... Formal dress first.


  1. Very cool. I have no idea on the bits of material.. a teapot cosy? :) Nice work on the xstitch too.

    I nominated you for a blogs worth casing award -

    1. Wow. Thank you.
      As for the fabric, nope. ;) But the solution will be posted next update.


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