DWTS Season 19: Week 1

Cute opening. Nothing amazing. 

Antonio. Heel leads in Latin is a no no. Especially Locksteps. he'll stay around for a few weeks. I guess I'll agree with the scores except Bruno.

Lea. Not bad. It was a fairly basic routine but pretty. Her position in hold needs work. Hmm. I was just reminded Carrie ann and Artem dated for a while. I'll give her the scores.

Janel. Not much actual Jive, but the song didn't lend itself to it. Some of her static positions looked a little odd. Over rotated and leaning back? Good performance. I'll agree with the scores.

Lolo. Very stiff and awkward. Didn't match Keo in anything.  She's in a dangerous position if she doesn't have a big fan base. I'll agree with the scores. Antonio had a better performance.

Betsey. I'll give her that she's flexible. But that's about all she had going for her. I'll agree with the scores.

Tavis. A bit bouncy. Foxtrot is smoother. Entertaining but technique needs work. Not 8 worthy.
Sadie. Pretty good, she was sharp. Knees could be straighter at times. She was enjoying herself. I agree with the scores.

Michael. Locksteps were horrible. Everything else wasn't much better. Not worthy of 7s.

Jonathon. He needs to pick his knees up more. He didn't match Allison, who impressed me but I'm still a bit skeptical for a few more weeks. I'll agree with the scores.

Tommy. Really slow song. Not much cha cha either. Too high.

Randy. Was not expecting that. Light on his feet and smooth. I'll agree with the scores.

Bethany. Cute. I had seen a preview of this routine earlier. It was clean. Don't think it was the best of the night.

Alfonso. That was the best dance of the night. Content, technique, and entertaining. I agree with the scores. 

Based on what I saw the people in danger of going home tomorrow night are Lolo, Betsey, and possibly Lea. Betsey may stick around for the 'crazy' factor. Lea is there because she went early and may have gotten lost by the end of the night.

I harp of locksteps a lot on here. If your legs do not 'lock' at the ankles before stepping forward again, you are not doing them right.


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