Stuffed finishes

My progress on my cross-stitch. I've gotten to a point where I'm working in that cream/beige coloring and I'm thinking of switching.

So, one guess that those fabric scraps from last week became a teapot cozy. Nope. Maybe this will be helpful.

No? Maybe these?

Still no guesses? Well, here's the finished product.

A stuffed kitty cat!
And this mess of parts...

Became this.

A love bug.

And my cardigan has sleeves. Well, 1.5 sleeves. I'll go finish up the other one now.
Not the best photo. I'll get to work on the dress this week. I was worried I had lost two pattern pieces but they were stuck at the bottom of the envelope.

And Dancing with the Stars starts Monday. Yay!


  1. You are very creative. I enjoy watching your projects come together. Dancing with the Stars - most of the celebrities I have not heard of. I might tune in to see Michael Waltrip as he is very funny.

  2. Nice! I love the cat and the love bug. Working in the eye field I love the look that the bug has glasses. :) Beautiful work on your shawl too!


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