Bits and pieces

Well, I switched cross-stitch projects. So this...

Plus this...

Will eventually equal TW's Fantasy Triptych. Why did I start this piece? It was the next random # after I did skip two that I knew I didn't want to work on.

Onto the crochet update. My Petal Cardigan has both sleeves and the right side edging. Looking at the picture, I could've focused a bit better., but I think you get the idea.

A close up of the edging, which is very focused.

And finally. The progress on the dress.

Which at this point is just a muslin version of the midriff. I've been a bit lazy on this project. I cut it to size 14 and it's a little big. I most likely will have to lengthen it as I feel the skirt will be too high to be flattering on me at the moment. Also must remember to mark the top of these pieces properly as it's very easy to confuse which side is which.


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