DWTS Season 19: Week 2

Interesting opening. I was correct in picking the eliminated couple last week, although that wasn't hard to figure out.

Randy. He didn't do much actual cha cha. But he was entertaining. Bit flat footed. Did better with the foxtrot. I'll give him the scores. Barely.

Janel. I give them props for doing a foxtrot to that song. A tiny bit jerky at times, mainly when they weren't dancing actual foxtrot. I'll agree with the scores. I'm not completely convinced on the 9s.

Lea. More memorable than last week. Her posture looked a bit hunched. But footwork was good. Don't know if it was 9s.

Michael. Uh... Most uncoordinated hip rolls I've ever seen. He walked the dance. The judges are being really generous.

Tavis. Where was the cha cha? And that song is a hustle. He looked at Sharna for the choreography almost the entire dance. Way too generous again.

Alfonso. For samba, that was pretty good. Some transitions looked a bit rushed in his feet but he had 3 weeks for the last dance. I'll agree with the scores.

Bethany. Song didn't match dance. There wasn't that much foxtrot. It was cute. Too high for me.

Betsey. Better then last week but very simple. I noticed a limp hand as she came down the stairs. And she never looked left when in hold. And she looks less crazy. I'll agree with the scores.

Antonio. Knees were too bent, footwork was sloppy. Where were the hips? Too high.

Tommy. Umm... okay? That did nothing for me. High for me.

Jonathon. I don't think he did anything. She danced around him almost the entire time. Too high.
Sadie. Cute. I felt it was simple. A bit jazz by the numbers. Too high. 

Michael should be in the bottom if not going home tomorrow. Joining him may possibly be Tavis and Betsey with an option of Tommy.


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