DWTS Season 24: Week 5

That was an elaborate opening. 

Rashad. Pretty good. A few strange spots. I agree with the scores except for the 9.

Nick. That was interesting. Silly. A little high. 

Erika. She was looking down at the beginning. It helped when she had Gleb to focus on. Basic in hold looked a bit odd for me. I would've given 7s.

Heather. That was fun. Very Anna. I agree with the scores. 

Bonner. Cute. Missed a few heel leads. Was a bit blank in his face in hold. I'll give him the scores but a tad high. 

Normani. That was good. I agree with the scores. 

David. That wasn't good. It looked disjointed and unless he was doing a kick, his feet didn't leave the ground. Too high.

Nancy. One of her best dances. It just happens to not be a ballroom style. I'll give her the scores. 

Simone. Nice. You can really see how strong she is without the help of the spring floor. I agree with the scores. 

And going home is Erika.


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