The circle grows

I basically started over on Saturday because I realized I switched the blues around. Oh well.

My progress on my Monday piece.

And say hello to my 'bag of floss'. Joann's had a sale on DMC floss. 431 skeins. I picked another 61 up at Michael's later on. So 492 skeins in total and I'm still shy on a few. But those are ones I have a lot of and will probably buy a cone of eventually.

I kitted up 20 patterns. Almost all HAED. Tocatta, Dragon Riders, Gift of the Unicorn King, Celestial Dragon (non-head), Secret Door, After the Secret Door, Train of Dreams, Space Traveler, Waterfall Dragons, SSMC Treasure Hunt, SSMC Secret Garden, SSMC A Stitch in Time, Water Dragon, Blue Dragon, Chase, Dragon Dancer, 4 Heavenly Beasts, Dead of Winter, Realm of Enchantment, and Tempest.

Now to find a bolt of 25 ct or 28 ct evenweave and a new way to store my set. I know the bags on the double binder rings is not going to work for my longer.


  1. Wow! Love the crochet and good luck on finding an organization system for your floss. I would love to implement this, but we don't really have a good room for it yet.

    1. I was thinking of doing that but without the bobbins. I'm not winding 3000+ skeins...


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