New projects

So this is what I've deemed my "Monday project" as it's very easy to pick up during commercial breaks for DWTS.

I tried starting the Silver Medallion Throw. The first 9 rounds ended up being an inch smaller than the gauge, but I just went with it. Unfortunately, that's causing a waving issue with the next few rounds. I may have to start over and try and make it bigger. Possibly chain looser? I had the same issue with my turkey afghan.

Therefore, I worked on this today and this same 9 rounds took far less time than the other.

If you look at the top of the blog, I've made a new page listing all my WIPs. I will eventually put pictures with the list, but any suggestions on what cross-stitch I pick up next would be helpful.


  1. Great list, I need to do that as well. I vote for Argentine Tango. Love the blue/white one, gorgeous! and nice start on the dragon?

    1. I'll keep that one in mind. Thank you. And yes, it is a dragon. ;)


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