DWTS Season 24: Week 4

Most memorable year night. Aka have your tissues ready night. 

Normani. There weren't many rumba steps. Lots of spins. But no hips either. Too high for me.

Nick. He didn't move much. His hips were static too. Too high. 

Nancy. It was cute. But a lot of spins. Still too high for me. 

Mr. T. Better but still far from good. Way too high. 

Heather. Clean and sharp. Tiny bit repetitive with the choreography. I agree with the scores. 

David. He was leaning forward in good and was hopping. Viennese waltz is smooth. Too high. 

Rashad. It was good. But he could've pointed his toes to make those lines better. I'll give him the scores. 

Erika. Felt very tiny. She also went ahead of the choreography a few times and clearly didn't match the other dancers. No hips. Too high. 

Simone. I felt she was being pulled through the dance by Sasha. I'll give her the scores. 

Bonner. Not bad. Was lacking a bit of the gentle rise and fall. I'll give him the scores. 

And the person we no longer have to watch is Mr. T.


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