DWTS Season 24: Week 6

Maks is back! And one of my original crushes, Nick Carter. Hehe. 

Simone. Pretty good. I felt it was hopping rather than bounce. The combat boots didn't help with me wondering what she was doing with her foot placement. Why was she practicing in heels if she wasn't going to wear them? I agree with Nick. 

Bonner.  Odd arrangement of the song at the beginning. Sound mix issues? But Bonner didn't move from his bent knees legs spread position. Rumba needs straight knees. Sharna danced around him completely. Too high. 

Nancy. It got better towards the end but she didn't seem confident at the beginning. Especially when they had just shown Mel Bs version. Too high. 

Nick. Better than I thought he'd do. Chasses were planted a bit wide. Technique is weak as usual. I'll give him the scores but too high.

Normani. I thought there was just too many underarm spins. There are a lot of different spins in salsa but I really only saw the same 3. I would've given 9s.

David. He still leans forward a bit in hold. I was afraid he would drop her when he didn't get the full overhead press. Weird song choice and didn't feel like an Argentine tango for me. Too high. 

Rashad. Too upbeat for a tango, more of a hustle. I didn't see any stalking movements. Very one speed. A bit high. 

Heather.  Could've used a little more hips but I saw more then I usual do in the rumba. I agree with the scores. 

Team dances

Boy band. There were some synchronization issues. Bit odd but fun. Too high. 

Girl group. So hot they blew out the lights. Haha. And now the house lights are on. Nancy was the weakest. Too much standing around for the caliber of dancers. I'll give them the scores. 

And the dancer leaving us is Heather. Damn it! She shouldn't be leaving yet. 


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