DWTS Season 24: Week 3

That was a very busy but well done opening. 

Nick. Hold was better, but I still get the feeling he's leaning forward too much. I agree with the scores. 

Mr. T. He walked through it. Too high. 

Bonner. I didn't like it. Felt too small for the music. I'll give him the scores. But a bit high probably. 

Heather. Very good. They had body contact and it wasn't all one speed. I agree with the scores. 

Charo. That is a really puffy dress. I could barely see her feet. She looked like she actually did what she was suppose to rather than what she wanted to. Too high for me. 

Simone. Pretty good. But her posture was off to me. I think she had her back arched and her head didn't seem to be in the wrong position. Not worth a 9.

Nancy. Not enough hips during the actual samba steps. Didn't see a good bounce either. Seemed soft. Too high. 7s at best for me. 

David. Okay... Too high. 

Erika. Very careful. Technique was not very good. Too high for me. 

Rashad. I saw hints of hips, but not where they were supposed to be. He felt heavy on his feet. I also didn't see a bounce. A little too high. 

Normani. A bit hectic for a foxtrot. That song is better suited to jazz or broadway. It was good though. I agree with the scores. 

And going home is Charo. Thankfully. I think Keo is happy.


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