fabric stash

I decided to write down some of the fabric I have in my stash and what it's planned use is.
1. 3 yrds black stretch velvet. Planned to be used in a latin dress that has yet to be started except in my head.
2. ~2 yrds black spandex. to be used for bodysuits for my dresses.
3. 3 yrds blue/silver reversible sequined 2-way stretch. for a draped latin dress with sparkly bra. I have the bra, the nude straps were giving me trouble so it's temporarily on hold.
4. ~1 yrd nude stretch, for straps and such.

5. 2 yrds orange/black spandex. use currently unknown

6. ~1 yrd green gliter velvet. use most likely as bodice for smooth dress
7. ~1 yrd purple crushed velvet. use most likely as bodice for smooth dress
8. ~1 yrd big hole net. accent for future latin showcase dress


9. red silk chiffon, crepe de chine, and china silk for use in a vogue dress pattern (shorter version)

10. I have usable pieces from various completed projects that without me going through and cataloging I can't list here.

I usually buy more than I need due to the fact I most often have to lengthen patterns due to my height and length of my torso.


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