new smooth dress idea

Ok. I've had this pattern for a while with the intent to make a smooth dress. I have finally figured out the logistics to make it. The majority of the dress is gathered pieces stitched onto interfacing and the main panel of the bodice has batting since they have the diagonal lines top-stitched onto it, not the best thing for dancing, too solid. I will take my princess seam pattern to make the bodysuit. This should give me the seaming in the bodice. Next, out of the 15 pieces the pattern came with, I only need 6 and 3 I can wing if absolutely necessary. The halter strap will be encased elastic with the other fabric gathered onto it in a similar fashion to the current red smooth dress I'm wearing for competitions. (That reminds me I need to move the lower two straps to take up the back of the dress.)

The only thing I need to figure out now, is color, fabric, and stone pattern. Well, probably going to stone the bodice to mimic the top-stitching. Fabric is probably going to be a soft jersey, or another fabric that's good for rouching. Skirt will most likely be another material, still figuring that part out.

I know I haven't finished the latin dress, but I'll have plenty of time this weekend with the snow and lack of dance lesson tomorrow. Should be able to get the top finished.


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