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I have reached page 4 of Celestial Dragon. Tada! A better picture than the last few weeks. And this time you may actually see a hint of sparkle on the dragon.

Hopefully won't be too long before this page is done and I can go on to complete the over 1 sections.

But then comes the backstitching. That alone will take me over a week. Not to mention the beads.

Last night my Mom wanted me to sew something so I pulled out all my patterns. As we were going through them, I found out a few things.
  1. I need a bigger box, or at least a secondary box.
  2. I have more patterns for woven fabrics than stretch fabrics despite it being the opposite for what's actually in my stash.
  3. I need a better organization.
Although in light of that, I believe I have finally matched a pattern to a piece of fabric from my stash.

The pink being the main fabric with the gold and the other two colors being the wrong side of this fabric (visible on bottom right corner). What do you think?

Now, I think I've mentioned the turkeys that live near me, my dad took this in the morning.

Cute huh?

Tomorrow is finishing up my tailoring on my fringe dress as I'm wearing that for my next comp on the 9th and possible making something easy and summery before tackling my pink dress. Either a shirt or maybe the jumpsuit.


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