DWTS season 18: week 1

I didn't like the opening. Too much focus on Jason Derulo and not enough actual dancing by the pros.

NeNe. 2/3 of the dance was not dancing. Saw very little cha cha and wasn't well executed. She performed but I don't know if her personality will endear most of America. Scored too high based on what I saw.

Jason. Very choppy. No smooth connection between steps. A little high but more worthy than NeNe.

Danica. Not bad. Once I got past the music choice. I liked it better then Jason's. I'll agree based on previous performances.

Sean. Karina was pretty but it felt a bit flat. Hmm... lowest score for now.

Billy Dee. Uh. I could barely pick out the steps. 5s are being nice.

Meryl. Clean, good lock steps. Need to straighten her knees a bit more. Best cha cha of the night. I'll agree.

Candace. Interesting but a bit one note with the choreography. Not that it wasn't well done. Don't think it deserved a 9.

Cody. Pretty good. He needs to watch his feet. Pigeon toed and a bit sloppy. But he actually moved his hips. I'll agree on the scores based on where they fit on the scoreboard.

Drew. Smoother than Jason. I enjoyed it. He has possibility to improve but Latin may be worse for him. I'll give the the scores.

Amy. Not bad. A bit repetitive bit Derek only had so many moves to work with. It was also the most closed hold, so he could help, if any cha cha. Don't know if it was 8s.

Diana. Very sleepy in hold. Seemed more animated it of hold. Her frame needs work. Latin will most likely be uncomfortable for her. I think it went that much worse than Billy Dee.

Charlie. Pretty good but I knew he'd be good with lifts. And this time he didn't have to do it on ice.  Don't know if it was the best of the night by a 2 point margin. 

First dances done. Most likely Diana's going home next week as Billy Dee may have a slightly bigger fanbase. Those two should be the first to go. Top dancers so far and most likely the finale group are Danica, Meryl, Candace, and Charlie. I'll have a better idea once they perform a few other dances.

Just as a note, I'm taking dance lessons myself on Mondays lately so my posts will be late as was the case last season. My partner is out of town so I got to watch the show live this week.


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