DWTS season 18: week 2

First off, much better opening than last week.

Drew. Entertaining but sloppy. Latin is going to be challenging for him through the rest of his season. Don't think it good enough for 7s.

Danica. No bounce, knees were bent the entire time and she needed to finish her arms. Carrie ann was watching a student dance than me. I like her dress. Better than Drew's Jive but I don't know if it was 8s.

Billy Dee. He did more than last week but looked liked he was marking it. Too minimal, Emma and the girls were doing so much more than him. He's sweating more than he should be given the effort I saw.

Meryl. Very jitter bug. But definitely swing.  I enjoyed it. I'll agree with the scores but could've been a bit higher.

Diana. That is why she went home. Not good and zero fan base.

Candace. I didn't like it. No hips, bent knees, abs looking like she was tip toeing. Rumba should be fluid. That wasn't. Also that song almost sounded like a Viennese Waltz rather than a rumba. Too high.

Amy. Nor bad. But like last week, it was in hold so Derek could help her get through the dance. Her top looked a little low and could possibly fall off. I'll give them the scores.

James. Feet looked frantic on the basics and no hip action there either. I think Peta's trying to see how little clothing she can get away with. Not worth a 9. 8s may be pushing it a little as well.

Charlie. Not bad. He kept his frame. But they're supposed to be doing international, not American. But that's on Sharna. And she's going for most amount of skin showing while still being clothed. I don't know if I'd give him 9s. Definitely 8s if he hasn't broken hold.

Nene. The sneakers look stupid with that dress. It also made her land heavy. There wasn't a lot of Jive. Sloppy and weak. Too high.

Sean. Not bad but something just seemed off to me. Maybe it was the outfit. Maybe it was the beginning of the song reminded me of a famous samba. I'll give it to them. 

Cody. He was too loose so his frame suffered. The stuff was weird. I guess I'll let them have the scores.

I figured Sean was going home. He just wasn't connecting to the audience. Next to go home should be Billy Dee but his fanbase may keep him around a bit longer.


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