So close

I'm getting there. I spent more time stitching this week. If you recall, this was last week's progress.

I managed to finish outlining the dragon. But was this the end of my backstitching? Nope.

The dragon needed gold scales and the background needed some cross-hatching. Two different colors. The second went a little quicker because I had a reference in front of me rather than having to refer to the backstitch chart. Yes, there are an extra four pages just for backstitching placement.

Now, that that's over with, onto the beads! I essentially have to put four around the spots where the blue hatching cross, and also in the blank spot in the blue of the border. This may take me all week.

Also, Camp NaNoWriMo starts on Tuesday. I've decided on a story that's been playing around in my midn for a while and was a choice for November. I have the beginning, the premise, and a general idea of where I want it to go. Then again, November went almost off the tracks, so we'll see how this one goes. There is one difference that may be of interest between November and the 'Camp'. I get to set my own word count. I've lowered it to 20k rather than 50k just for my sanity.

I've also included in this post a picture of Onyx, in one of the oddest positions I've ever seen.

I own a strange cat.


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