DWTS season 18: week 3

James. It was decent but he wasn't finishing things. His arms at times, other times his feet. Overly praised from the Judges. Over scored.

Billy Dee. It's probably a good thing he can't dance tonight.

Nene. Better than her other two dances. But her hip swivels looked awkward. There was no other hip action. The leg action was wrong too. I don't know if part of it was due to being barefoot. Over scored. No 8s, 7s at best.

Cody. Felt more lyrical hip hop than jazz. And it seemed one level to me. 8s at best, not 9s.

Danica. I liked it. It flowed nicely. For the first time tonight, the Judges weren't obey praising. I'll give them the scores.

Drew. I liked the dance but he looked heavy, the rise and fall was not smooth. He could've been smoother throughout the whole dance. Can I have Cheryl's dress? I'll agree with the scores.

Meryl. Beautiful foxtrot. There's bit much I can pick on. I'll agree with the scores.

Amy. Beautiful. I'll agree with the scores.

Charlie. I think his outfit looks stupid. I like her dress though. I enjoyed the dance. But at times his feet looked a bit off during the kicks and flicks. Maybe it was the pants/shoes. I'll agree with the scores.

Candace. There actually wasn't a lot of Jive. What was there was a bit lackluster, sloppy, and stationary. She was better in the stylized parts. I like her dress. I want a beaded fringe dress between hers and Danica's last week. I'll give them the scores but maybe a bit high. 

Continuing with the over scoring tonight. Next week, new partners! For one night anyway.


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