DWTS season 18 cast

It's that time again. Dancing with the Stars has announced their new cast. Time for my opinions and predictions.

Sean Avery and Karina: I don't follow hockey so I have no idea who he is. When I watched the cast announcement I didn't feel like he had much of a personality. The only little bit was when he spun Karina at the end. He's the sports player for the season but I don't know how far he'll go.

Candance Cameron-Bure and Mark: I used to love Full House. That being said I don't know how big the fanbase for her will be so hopefully she can dance and Mark doesn't do odd choreography again.

Drew Carey and Cheryl: He's lost a lot of weight. If I hadn't seen the announcement, I would've put him in the 'not going to be able to move' category. Now I'm not sure. He is funny and it will probably keep him around for a while.

Meryl Davis and Maks: She has ballroom training. Derek choreographed the short dance for her and Charlie. That being said, she's probably the biggest ringer on the show. And Maks is back! Yay!

NeNe Leakes and Tony: She may be able to dance, but I don't know how well her fanbase will be willing to vote. I know her from her guest appearances on Glee and she seems to have the same personality as that character minus the mean streak which may be a bit hard to take after a while. At least Tony will hopefully have an easier time this season.

James Maslow and Peta: Big Time Rush=Disney kid. He's hot, which will keep him around but he may split the teenage girl vote with Cody. We shall see how that turns out.

Danica McKellar and Val: I never really watched The Wonder Years. That being said, I'm impressed with her academic accomplishments. She can move which can translate into performance if not technical prowress.

Diana Nyad and Henry: No clue where to rank her. She probably has the stamina and endurance for the dances but I don't know about perfomance and ballroom proficiency. Glad Henry is finally a pro but I don't know how long he'll stick around.

Amy Purdy and Derek: We all remember Heather Mills surprised us with her ability to dance with one prostetic leg, Amy I believe has two. It will be interesting to see how she gets by. I know from experience a lot of these dances require flexibility in the ankles and being able to feel the floor. Derek may have his work cut out for him this time.

Cody Simpson and Witney: He didn't show much personality although I'm certain he's capable of it. I'll chalk it up to not being a morning person. As I said before he'll probably split the teen girl vote with James. He'll probably do better in the latin.

Charlie White and Sharna: Pretty much the same thing with Meryl. He'll excel at the few dances where lifts are allowed due to his prior experience lifting Meryl.

Billy Dee Williams and Emma: If they hadn't introduced him as Lando I wouldn't have known who he was. Due to his age, he most likely will be better with the ballroom rather than the latin. If he can dance he could stick around for a bit.

Of course it all comes down to who's able to actually dance but the unknowns better be able to otherwise they will be the first to fall. I'll predict Meryl and Charlie will make it to the finale which under any other season will give Maks a good shot for his first mirrorball but the 'switch up' will probably take that away, unless they give the prize to both pros who danced with the winner.


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