Late again

I'm late on my update again. I have a really good reason though.
I spent Sunday finishing up my tailoring on my fringe dress and then made a shirt. I'm having trouble with the hem on the top otherwise I'd have a picture of it. I may make bias binding and finish it that way.
On Thursday, I finished the over 2 stitching of my dragon. I then started on the over 1 Chinese characters.

By the end of Saturday I had a little over one to finish so I decided to wait, thinking I could finish it up after I got back from the competition the next day.

We made top 24 and the quarter-finals for silver latin. But given the amount of entries and how long it was between the heats, they were running in level order rather than finishing up newcomer/bronze before starting silver/gold, I didn't get home as early as I thought. Therefore, I had to finish the characters today.

Now onto the backstitching!

I did buy more fabric, but it was one piece of denim as I'm going to attempt to make a pair of jeans.


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